Convenient Verification of yourCounterparties

Provide complete, objective, up-to-date information on all legal entities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other parts of the world.

Know Your Counterparties and Partners

  • KYC Report

    Know Your Counterparty report. Present a full range of basic business information on business registration, historical background, holding companies, shareholders, etc.

  • Credit Report

    On the basis of the KYC report, present detailed key information of legal representitive, financial info, business and global trade activities, lawsuits and related risks.


Service Capability

  • Compliance

    Build a multi-dimensional monitoring info-system to help companies better identify the legal compliance of customers and partners.


    million Companies

  • Risk Management

    Investigate and assess your counterparties' background, risks, and creditworthiness; Help make confident decisions to avoid potential risks.


    billion Trade Records

  • Due Dilligence

    Multi-dimensional data of enterprise credit, including business information, judicial proceedings, business status, business risks, news and public opinion, financial data, etc.


    Data Sources

  • Insights & Analytics

    Insights into the unknown from known-info based on corporate affiliation & connections, percentage of investment holding, and composition of capital.


    Report Forms

Countries & Regions supported by report service

  • China

  • Hongkong, China

  • Taiwan, China

  • Singapore

  • Russia

Data Sources

We only use official data from government agencies to ensure the relevance, timeliness and accuracy of the information provided.

Enterprise Credit InformationState Intellectual Property Office

Inland Revenue DepartmentArbitration Court

Statistical BureauTrademark Office

Finance Bureau

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