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    The most comprehensive and updated Import & Export Global Trading Data

    CIC presents a world-class searchable trade database of global trading data through providing more than 100 countries customs and shipping data covering almost all related information. You can easily track trading records for any trading companies and invade niche markets .

    These valuable data and information are gathered and packaged from world top shipping carriers and customs to be available for your trading purposes. CIC has done the heavy lifting by reviewing, standardizing, and cleaning these data, then delivering them in an intuitive format for you.

    CIC Data Pro is committed in helping you find more success in the morden trading world.


    $1999 /Year

    $3299 /Year

    (Save 40%)
    • 60+ Countries Customs & Statistics Data

    • 100+ Countries Shipping Data

    • Full Access of Historical Data

    • Unlimited Search

    • 5000 Downloads Daily

    • Access to 32 Mil Buyers Database


    • “ In the time of pandemic while we can not travel in various countries we are willing to not visit the exhibition, CIC data pro has made it possible to get excess to good quality suppliers from various countries around the globe for our growing demands in various countries we operate.”

      Umed Alani, Chief Operating Officer

    • “CIC is a game changing e-commerce platform with international trade data which can open many markets for different commodities traders and end sellers.”

      Mr Hussain Mohammed, Trading Manager

    • "CIC là một nền tảng thương mại điện tử với dữ liệu thương mại quốc tế có thể mở ra nhiều thị trường cho các nhà kinh doanh hàng hóa khác nhau và người bán hàng cuối cùng."

      Anna Pham, Trading Manager

    • “We use CIC data pro and have a lot of help. We were able to expand our global business through import and export information provided by data pro.”

      Mr David Kang, General Manager

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    CIC Data Pro Online Payment Terms & Condition

    Payment made via PayPal is covered by PayPal’s buyer and seller protection policies.

    CIC Data Pro is classified under the intangible, virtual item or service.

    1. All CIC Data Pro products that involve payment are of one-time transaction products that comply with the "intangible or virtual goods or services" as defined by PayPal. Payments are to be made one-time in full through PayPal at the price set by CIC Data Pro. No refunds shall be made once payment is done.

    2. After payments are made and confirmed, access will be granted to subscribers within 24 hours. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the subscriber. This will constitute as the delivery of the subscription as well as the commencement of the subscription.

    3. CIC will use webpage display, online communication, and other methods of communication to provide customers with the complete information to understand the product. It is the customer’s duty to fully understand and decide the suitability of the product, and ensure that CIC data pro meets their needs. If the customer has any questions and face any major issues, the customer should communicate with CIC Data Pro customer service and sales before payment. CIC is obliged to assist the customer in responding to the problem and will proactively help to resolve related issues.

    I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the terms & conditions relating to CIC Data Pro's online payment. ( 5 s )