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release time:2020-07-20

QWhat is CIC-TP

ACIC-TP is a global commodity trading platform that connects buyers and suppliers around the world. We specialize in plastics, chemicals, cotton and other raw materials.

QHow to find the desired product?

AThere is a classification of the main products on the CIC homepage, you can enter the product list page by selecting the desired product category. In addition, if you can't find the item you want on the homepage, you can click "More" to go to all the category lists, all the product categories will be displayed here, and you will find the item you want.

Q How to make buyer certification and seller certification, what is the difference between them?

AFirst you must register as a user of our platform, then submit company information and business information, we will notify you by email after review. If you only submit company information, you will have the qualification to be as a buyer; if you submit company information and business information, you will have the qualification to be as both buyer and seller. The two differs each other in permissions and functions on the platform. The buyer can initiate a market inquiry to the fixed supplier and the seller has the relevant functions of issuing goods.

QHow to initiate an inquiry?

AClick the “Immediate Consultation” button on the homepage to enter the inquiry page, select the inquiry type and publish it to the inquiry market or a fixed contact. Then fill in the appropriate information and submit. After review, you can check the details about inquiry.

The inquiry management function is set in the user center, you can view and manage the inquiry information freely.

Q How to make an enquiry?

AAfter the inquiry is published, the platform staff will review it then notify you by email within 24 hours. If passed, the buyer and the seller can make online inquiries. Each time you make an inquiry or counter-offer, we will notify you by email to make sure you will not miss important information.

QHow to create an order?

AAfter the buyer or seller confirms the inquiry, the order will be created by the seller then confirmed by the buyer. The order will be formally generated after the buyer’ confirmation, then the seller delivers the goods according to the negotiation. Shipments can be processed through the CIC platform or seller themselves, and its status can be checked in the order management page.

QHow to pay?

AThe platform is currently unable to make international payments. You can contact your partner offline to make a payment based on the agreed

payment method. Therefore,we will launch the payment function as soon as possible. If inconvenience brought to you, please understand.

QDisputes and Abuse

AIf you find a product that is illegal or has false information, you can report to us.

You can give us any questions during the enquiry or order creating process. Our professional team will contact you within 24 hours and help you solve the problem as soon as possible.