Commodity Intelligence Centre  CIC-TP Commodity Intelligence Centre  CIC-TP

Global Trade Intelligence Online Platform

Access global trade data including import, export, customs and shipping records. In an AI-powered market intelligence platform.

Here’s How Trade Data Pro Works

Grow your business to connect with our network of suppliers and buyers.

Commodity Intelligence Centre  CIC-TP

New opportunities in global trade

Grasp opportunities and discover your potential with our 2.5 billion worldwide trade data records platform.

Evaluate Suppliers
Monitor Competitors
Find Sales Prospects
Research Markets
Commodity Intelligence Centre  CIC-TP

Data that enables your business

200+ Countries Trade Records
There is no time restriction and limitation for the access of trade data online through Trade Data Pro intelligence platform.
Tailored for your industry
The wide coverage of global trade insights and information serves every industry and business size, whether small, moderate or large.
Unlimited Trade Data Access
Access the largest database of 220+ countries, consisting of 52+ countries of import, export and customs data. Exclusive countries such as Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and other African countries.
Know Your Client
Be assured of authentication as retrieved global trade intelligence data by trusted sources is verified by our professionals.

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